Slava – The Serbian Orthodox symbol of the guest, the host, and the food

slava serbia food tour

Slava in Serbian customs is the way of celebrating saints that every house respects. Once a year the family gathers and celebrates with lots of food, drinks, and friends. This gathering attracts relatives, but also those who accidentally meet in that house, a friend of a friend, a casual traveler like you, or colleagues from […]


Belgrade walking tour: Walk with Belgrade Walking

Belgrade’s beauty lies beyond the obvious. Belgrade is full of hidden gems and you definitely need a local guide to take you on a Belgrade walking tour. Walking Belgrade is a group of friends who can walk you through its culture and history, current and past. The summer season’s favourites are for sure their boat […]


Serbia – The Land of Comfort Food

Caesar Salad in Serbia

Food is a natural drug, more powerful than the synthetic ones inasmuch as it stimulates all five senses at once. Divine display, appetizing aroma, sizzling sound, tender touch, and fantastic flavour join forces in the mission to boost our happy hormone levels. And they never fail. The primordial, survival role of food as an energy […]