Belgrade walking tour: Walk with Belgrade Walking

Belgrade’s beauty lies beyond the obvious. Belgrade is full of hidden gems and you definitely need a local guide to take you on a Belgrade walking tour. Walking Belgrade is a group of friends who can walk you through its culture and history, current and past. The summer season’s favourites are for sure their boat […]


Are you a Belgraduate?


You know you have graduated from Belgrade School of Life when: 1. You’ve watched sunset from the Kalemegdan fortress. There’s something festive in the air when you see neon lights mounted on New Belgrade skyscrapers go on, as you stand on this venerable, centuries-old landmark. 2. You’ve cycled along the Danube and Sava from Dorcol […]


Belgrade – a place apart

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Are you fed up with look-alike capitals? Dropped off in the middle of a pedestrian zone of any European capital, no tourist would be clear about their whereabouts. Condemned to the same fate – H&M, McDonalds, and Starbucks, they could easily be in any averagely-populated city north of the Equator. Globalization, an inevitable trait of […]