You think Serbian cuisine is all about meat? In all fairness, you are right – a traditional Serb can hardly imagine a meal without meat. However, the age-long tradition of fasting before major religious holidays has made Serbian cooks incredibly creative, so there is now a vegetarian version of virtually all great Serbian dishes. Our grandmothers’ skills, knowledge, and shrewdness is such that they managed to find the perfect ingredients to replace different kinds of meat and prepare meat-free dishes so credible that only the most discriminating of taste will feel the difference. Moreover, some of the new Belgrade vegetarian food dishes are, many would agree, even tastier than the original versions with meat.

Even though Serbian housewives jealously kept their secret recipes to themselves, in time they leaked and reached the chefs of respectable Belgrade veggie food restaurants, which now include vegetarian dishes in their menus. So if you are a vegetarian visiting Belgrade, fear not! Join us on a Belgrade Veggie Food Tour and lose yourself in the fluffiness of proja (yellow cornbread) and gibanica (the well-known egg and cheese pie), accompanied with the lusciousness of ajvar (famous paprika spread), kajmak (like butter, but immensely better), and assortment of cheese from different regions of Serbia. This is only a starter, and we don’t want to give the whole game away. Book now and discover the rest.

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