Foodie Belgrade Food Tour

Foodie Belgrade Tour is a journey into gastronomic districts of Belgrade which seem to be destined to stay hidden from the eyes of most tourists and travellers. We think our guests also deserve to reveal foodie treasures of amazing Belgrade gourmet scene.

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5 hours

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Foodie Belgrade Food Tour

During this tour we visit a few amazing bakeries, food street markets and foodie spots where we taste a wide range of Serbia delicacies. If you are a pleasure seeker and you want to walk through the neighborhoods away from busy and touristy city centre, join us for this 5-stops tour!

Foodie Belgrade Food and Culinary Tour- What is included

  • A guided tour in a small group with 1 or 2 vehicles included.
  • In this tour, we cover entire Belgrade area, so you’ll have a chance to look around.
  • 7-8 tastings of dishes that we love and that highlight culinary trends in Belgrade.
  • Complimentary drink at all foodie spots.
  • Free Wi-Fi during the entire tour, so you can share on Instagram, Twitter or FB.
  • Written insider tips on restaurants and kafanas that locals like to visit.
  • Tastings of various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Ideas on what to do in Belgrade highlighting sights, culinary treats, shops etc.
  • Summary email with everything we tasted and the route we covered.

Due to popular demand, we have decided to engage in single-person tours, but we must tell you that the price is 90 euros.

Delicious, hearty food tour across Belgrade

– George Parisnos, Cyprus

his is simply magnificent. Not only will you be taken across Belgrade for a food tour that includes, amongst many other delicacies, the best pork knuckle I have ever eaten (and believe me, I have eaten quite a few) – you will also learn a lot about Serbian traditions, food culture and history. These guys love their city, love their cuisine, and love to talk about it.

So if you have a spare night in Belgrade and are up for some delicious food in places you would probably never have discovered by yourself, take this tour. You will not be disappointed.


Experienced and knowledgeable guides lead small groups (max 12) through Belgrade’s local delicacies in places that have been feeding our locals for generations.


Each food tasting stop has been selected not only for the quality of food but also for the history it holds, the passion of its people and its significance in the local community.


We take you to the heart of Belgrade, an unforgettable neighbourhood that’s off the beaten path. You’ll enjoy restaurants that locals cherish but tourists rarely stumble upon.


TasteSerbia is a passion project of 3 local guides, so our food tours are custom tailored for every guest, every day from 18h to 02h. Full day tours are done during the weekends.

Foodie Food Tours – How do we do it

We meet

We will pick you up in front of your Hotel/AirBnB with our cars and toast with homemade šljivovica.

We greet

We will drive all around town visiting the food spots that we ourselves visit with our families.

We eat

We will dig into Serbian cuisine and explain why is Serbian food considered one of the bes in the world.

Our Food Guides

and their fathers ?


Rakija producer and barbecue maesto! Workaholic and a bit alcoholic. Closest thing we got to a concierge and TasteSerbia secret weapon!


Djole is our storyteller guy, who will teleport you across Serbia with juicy stories about most popular Serbian dishes! Originally from Čačak.


Largest Komplet Lepinja consumer in this part of Europe. Bearded Specialty Coffee and Craft Beer SysAdmin. Roasting lambs during the weekends.

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