Are you a Belgraduate?

You know you have graduated from Belgrade School of Life when:

1. You’ve watched sunset from the Kalemegdan fortress.

There’s something festive in the air when you see neon lights mounted on New Belgrade skyscrapers go on, as you stand on this venerable, centuries-old landmark.

2. You’ve cycled along the Danube and Sava from Dorcol quay to Ada lake.

Two wheels and a sunny day is all you need to get the genuine experience of what riverbank life is like: from ostentatious restaurants to ragged fishermen.

3. Your jaw has dropped at the sight of a hottie in Knez Mihailova Street.

The outstanding beauty of Serbian women is widely known, and make no mistake, it is paralleled only by that of Serbian men.

4. You’ve stumbled down the cobbled Skadarlija Street.

Lined with traditional kafanas and their alluring charm, exquisite food, and acoustic music, this high-heel-unfriendly street is the heart and soul of bohemian Belgrade.

5. You have listened to a taxi driver’s life story.

No matter how short the journey, you’ll be able to hear all about his family issues and see photos of his grandchildren living in Canada or Australia.

6. You’ve swayed to the beat of a world-touring DJ playing at Savamala district.

This up-and-coming Belgrade nightlife quarter brims with clubs hosting the most respectful names from mainstream and underground music scene alike.

7. You’ve drunk yourself to oblivion at an infamous splav (river-floating club).

It is at this place where you can truly feel YOLO. Blazing music of questionable quality, underdressed girls, overly drunk guys – what more can you ask for?

8. You’ve eaten a pljeskavica at the end of your crazy night out.

Pljeskavica (Serbian burger) is the most popular street food in Belgrade, found at numerous grill stands, with people queuing there typically every Saturday and Sunday dawn.

9. You’ve had burek for breakfast to kill the hangover.

When you went to bed this morning, a baker in your street put his first batch of this layered dough in the oven. Your only task for the day would be to choose the stuffing – meat or cheese. This is something we can help with in our Munchies in Belgrade Food Tour.

10. You’ve had a rakia with the morning coffee.

One shot of the Serbian brandy in the morning is said to be beneficial to your health. The ten shots you had last night – probably less so.

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