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Food and local cuisine are the best way to promote a country, but I believe that this truly important for a country such as Serbia. The new and the modern way of ‘branding’ countries ranges from promotional videos to interactive campaigns, and are usually intended to show some insight about people living in them, their way of life and the natural beauty of the country itself. The video,‘Soulfood Serbia’ is produced by Supernatural agency for The National Tourism Organization of Serbia and it displays parts of Serbia that known for different kinds of vegetables, fruits and food in general.

The thing I like the most about this video is that the majority of the meals are spelled in Serbian, giving an overall stylish look to the whole campaign. Moreover, when a stranger sees the name of the meal in the original language, he is more likely to try it – a golden rule of advertising. Also, maintaining the original name shows that the food is genuine and only available in Serbia.

This campaign is widely accepted in Serbia, starting from newspapers and spreading fast all over the social media networks with positive remarks and comments on the video. On the other hand, the video has been criticized that it doesn’t display all of the vegetables that are specific for Serbia, but just the most relevant ones.

Since most of the Serbian e-portals and magazines are writing about this campaign, I also decided to make an article about it. Overall, it’s a good campaign with even better video, quite a refreshment from the usual. The video is made for enjoying the specific and picturesque Serbian landscapes, but the real pleasure comes from the food itself. Enjoy!

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