Top 5 after-night-out treats to taste in Belgrade

Belgrade food is probably the only thing better than Belgrade nightlife

With an immense diversity of nightlife entertainment, ranging from outrageous, neo-turbo-folk parties at infamous floating clubs on the Sava river, to underground, squat-like parties in derelict warehouses, Belgrade welcomes all sorts of revellers. In addition to geographical location, what binds all partygoers together is inevitable binge drinking – you know the saying: when in Belgrade…

Consequently, after the night of heavy inebriation, hordes of loaded clubbers, plastered hipsters, smashed punks, tanked GQs, bombed bros, and all the rest, head for Belgrade food stands or fast food restaurants in search of the remedy for the dizziness in the head, and the burning in the stomach. Therefore, a line in front of a fast food stall at dawn is a common sight in Belgrade. So what’s the line exactly for?

Pljeskavica – The commonest fast food in Belgrade, the closest equivalent to which would be a burger. The grilled mince-meat patty is served in a bun, or less often in a tortilla, lavishly filled with (usually complimentary) condiments ranging from mayo and ketchup, to different fresh or pickled salads, and a variety of spreads. The patty itself can also vary, from the plain one to the one with filled with cheese or ham, or the Gurmanska (Gourmet’s) pljeskavica which is richly spiced up with bacon, cheese cubes, and hot pepper. The richer the patty, the higher the price, but generally speaking pljeskavica is the most affordable item on the Belgrade food scene.pljeskavica belgrade fast food

Šiš ćevap – Another mince-meat item from the grill, different from pljeskavica in shape (kind of elongated) and slightly in flavour, served in somun (homemade loaf equally elongated), enriched with the aforementioned condiments. It differs greatly from Sarajevski ćevapi – mince-meat fingers originating from Sarajevo, another fave from the Belgrade food offer. Sarajevski ćevapi are made of minced meat from beef and lamb.sis cevap belgrade fast food

Pizza – This ubiquitous food is equally popular in Belgrade as it is worldwide. However, what makes it interesting here is the habit of enhancing a regular capricciosa slice with mayo or sour cream, or a special dressing of beef salad – the combo to die for!pizza belgrade fast food

Palačinke – You’ll find them on menus under ‘pancakes’, however these common street delicacies in Belgrade are more similar to crêpes. They come savoury and sweet, and you can choose from abundace of flavour combinations, the most popular being ‘ham + cheese + sour cream’. As for the sweet one, it’s a tie between ‘Nutella + Plazma’, and ‘Eurocrem (Serbian version of Nutella) + Plazma’. As you can see Plazma is a constant – the biscuit all Serbian kids grow up on, without exception, the love for which continues long into adulthood…pancakes belgrade food

Giros (Gyros) – A pinch of Greece in Belgrade food. Our Greek brothers have shared their recipe with us, so now you can find these seaside-memories-invoking wraps with chopped lamb, beef, or chicken, and the well-known tzatziki sauce all around Belgrade.giros belgrade food

So you’ve spent a night out in Belgrade, got hammered, had a blast, and now the music is dying out… Do not despair! Hit the Belgrade streets, the best is yet to come. Our Munchies in Belgrade food tour pretty much sums up all of the above, so we can be your hangover cure!

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