Belgrade Guide: The cheap and safe way from the airport to Belgrade city center

belgrade airport

The biggest Serbian airport “Nikola Tesla” is in Belgrade, in suburban neighborhood Surčin. The airport “Nikola Tesla” is named after our greatest scientist, the greatest geek that ever lived – Nikola Tesla. On this airport lands standard as well as low-cost airlines. In order to avoid shouting from local wild taxi drivers, we have prepared […]


Are you a Belgraduate?


You know you have graduated from Belgrade School of Life when: 1. You’ve watched sunset from the Kalemegdan fortress. There’s something festive in the air when you see neon lights mounted on New Belgrade skyscrapers go on, as you stand on this venerable, centuries-old landmark. 2. You’ve cycled along the Danube and Sava from Dorcol […]


Serbia – The Land of Comfort Food

Caesar Salad in Serbia

Food is a natural drug, more powerful than the synthetic ones inasmuch as it stimulates all five senses at once. Divine display, appetizing aroma, sizzling sound, tender touch, and fantastic flavour join forces in the mission to boost our happy hormone levels. And they never fail. The primordial, survival role of food as an energy […]


Belgrade – a place apart

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Are you fed up with look-alike capitals? Dropped off in the middle of a pedestrian zone of any European capital, no tourist would be clear about their whereabouts. Condemned to the same fate – H&M, McDonalds, and Starbucks, they could easily be in any averagely-populated city north of the Equator. Globalization, an inevitable trait of […]


A night in Belgrade

Nobody is quite sure why, but gritty Belgrade – a million light years away from hedonistic hotspots like Barcelona and Berlin – has morphed into one of the world’s top party cities. Perhaps it’s an enduring live-for-the-moment phenomenon (the city was repeatedly bombed in 1999) or simply the sociable Serbian spirit: whatever the reason, there’s […]