Serbia – The Land of Comfort Food

Food is a natural drug, more powerful than the synthetic ones inasmuch as it stimulates all five senses at once. Divine display, appetizing aroma, sizzling sound, tender touch, and fantastic flavour join forces in the mission to boost our happy hormone levels. And they never fail.
The primordial, survival role of food as an energy source has long been overtaken by the contemporary, hedonistic role to provide pleasure, thus turning us, human omnivores, into ‘comnivores’ – feeding largely on comfort foods.
Heavenly indulgent, warming, guilt-provoking treats, reminiscent of childhood or home cooking, are known to make us feel better in a state of distress. As much as it is unreasonable, following your ‘gut feeling’ and stuffing yourself full with chocolate chip ice-cream with caramel topping after you’ve got dumped works.
It works worldwide. Regardless of culture, food is known to be an inevitable part of emotional life, sorrowful and celebratory alike. No festivity whatsoever can be witnessed without loads of food, most of it undoubtedly high in carbohydrate content. The form varies in different cuisines, but the essence remains the same. Americans will find comfort in Mac & Cheese and Apple Pie, the British in Banges and Mash and Jam Roly-Poly, the French in Gratin Dauphinois and Crème Brûlée.

proja i kajmak

Spreading Kajmak on homemade Proja

Serbia doesn’t disappoint, either. Well, ‘doesn’t disappoint’ is a gross understatement – Serbia is an absolute, outright and unbeatable winner in the category of comfort food. All of the traditional Serbian food oozes the distinctive local flair and the homemade vibe. Renowned restaurants or kafanas in Serbia cherish the close, family atmosphere, their chefs preparing each dish with genuine commitment, and following age old recipes, the legacy of our grandmas. Fresh-from-the oven pogača (homemade bread) with melting kajmak (luxurious version of butter, see picture above) may not revoke your childhood memories, but the wonderful smell and absolutely out-of-this-world taste are bound to make your dopamine levels soar.

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prsuta i sir

Serbian Prosciutto with Smoked Cheese

If you add some smoke-dried, prosciutto-like meat to the aforementioned, you are in for the treat that will leave you speechless, but make you moan with pleasure, and that is only a starter. The real foodgasm comes with the enticing tenderness of veal and veggies cooked in earthen pots buried underground, simmering for hours in their natural juices.


Meat and veggies cooked in earthen pots buried underground. The Sač.

Moreover, if you are a sweet-tooth type of foodie, you will savour every mouthful of a crêpe-like pancake stuffed with velvety nougat cream, typically coated in Plasma-biscuits, a local product Serbia fiercely prides itself on. Also, in the picture below you can find orasnice, traditional Serbian desert with fried nuts.


Traditional Serbian dessert called orasnice

Without much further ado, next time you feel blue, or just want to pamper yourself with delectable comfort food, head for Serbia and book one of our gourmandizing culinary tours. We promise to make you deliriously happy!

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